Об экономии семейного бюджета

Напала на статью о необходимости экономии средств ради пенсионных накоплений. Дело происходит в США, тем не менее, понравились пункты «нелепых» растрат, которые весьма универсальны в нашей североамериканской реальности.  Я вообще большой любитель экономии и уже дано считаю, что сэкономленные деньги — это тоже своего рода заработок. А вы как считаете?



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  1. Replyposh70

    Спрашиваете ? Отвечаем :) Экономия здесь это как вид спорта: очень увлекательное занятие с солидными призами. Другое дело, что не стоит идею доводить до абсурда и кушать нелюбимый маффин с шоколадом только потому, что на него сегодня 25-центовая скидка ;)

  2. ReplyRepo4ka

    Абсолютно согласна, везде нужна мера. Как я поняла, в Северной Америке скидки превратились уже не в инструмент экономии, а в своего рода хобби. Теперь уже стоит задача не накупить лишнего. Т.е. осознанное и разумное самоограничение и здесь не помешает

  3. ReplyRick

    you need to save about $100.00 a month. EACH. Because if you work for a company that has a pension plan. And the company goes out of business, or bankrupt you lost your pension. It has happened many times in Canada, Many company pension plans have been left badly underfunded by market volatility and more pressing demands on their cash resources, leaving retirees with smaller plans. But the most dramatic impact on employees and pensioners has been at failed companies where pensions have evaporated in bankruptcy proceedings. Canwest Global was a big one in Manitoba that went bankrupt. Nortel was a Hugh Canadian company. Eatons where are they now? Save Save save

    • ReplyRepo4ka

      That`s so sad to hear it. I hoped that Canada was more reliable place for living. Actually we are going to start to invest money (not more than 100$ a month) to employer`s pension plan. I mean Roma`s employer "Bunge". I think that`s a more or less reliable place to save money, cos this company isn`t even Canadian, it has branches worldwide. But you suggest to open a special account in any bank to save money for our pensions, right? Do you mean RRSP or other accounts?

  4. ReplyRick

    I would invest in the company pension plan yes. Usually the MAXIMUM amount since usually the company will match what you invest. But If I was investing for a retirement i would not go for the RRSP. I would open a TFSA. Then you don't have to pay taxes when you cash them in. Where a RRSP you will pay taxes on it when yo cash them in.

    • ReplyRepo4ka

      Ok, Thanks. Actually, we have tried to open RRSP account already, but we lived in 2013 only for 3 weeks here, so our Notice of Assessment shows a tiny sum of taxes and we were suggested to wait for he next Notice.

  5. ReplyGuilherme

    the proof of funds for applying to morden has really to be in cash or can be by proving that I have car/house that values the money is enough? can you help me?

    • ReplyRepo4ka

      Actually it`s a controversial question. Right now it`s being discussed on the one of the biggest Russian-Canadian immigration forum. Some people say that it`s totally normal to provide an estimate of property, other guys insist, that you have to show only your bank account. My opinion, it depends on the officer who works on your file.

    • ReplyAlex

      I`m one of investigators mentioned below, Morden city migration officer (aka Shelly:)) says property estimation well enough for applying to city driven program, but not for further MPNP stage. Province officer will ask you to show some cash.

      • ReplyRepo4ka

        Thanks for fresh information!

      • ReplyGuilherme

        Thank you very much! Alex, I have everything ready for applying but the cash. I've got a car, a motorcycle and an apartment. So, do you think it would be ok if I sold my apartment after I receive a "possible" yes from Shelly? Regards, Guilherme and Gabryelle

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